I have worked with my Washington Partners advisors for over 20 years.  As Concur was getting off the ground, they helped us grow the company while always advocating for our interests and negotiating the best possible deal.  Years later, when we were ready to make the move to downtown Bellevue, their deep market knowledge and relationships were put in motion to create an “off-market” opportunity for us land a substantial block of space at Key Center, where we relocated our headquarters and could not be happier.”

Steve Singh Co-Founder

Brooks Running

"Washington Partners did a deep dive and uncovered a number of off-market opportunities for us to consider, and eventually they put together a very creative deal where we collaborated with a local landowner and hand-picked a developer to build our unique, deep green home. Washington Partners was the right partner to turn our dream into a reality."

Jim Weber CEO


“For 10+ years Washington Partners has been a powerful extension of our staff.  From driving the best deal, creating efficiency and showing up as an expert able to influence leadership, they create real value for our company.   I trust and count on them to deliver and they do!”

Holli Moeini CFO

Ballmer Group

"Unlike traditional brokers, Washington Partners only represents tenants and never pursues property listings.  Because they don’t have conflicts of interests, they are able to zealously advocate for the tenant and secure the most favorable lease or purchase terms possible."

Steve Ballmer CEO

Undead Labs

"My relationship with Washington Partners dates back sixteen years to when I co-founded ArenaNet, and my partners and I were all new to the Seattle area. They helped us arrange a cost effective sublease to launch our new venture, and then incrementally grow with a lease that emphasized flexibility for changing space needs.  We have been business partners ever since, and I can say that they have always had my back, and always put their client’s interests first."

Jeff Strain CEO


“I have worked with Washington Partners for over 10 years, spanning three different companies.  They have always put our interests first, and have repeatedly helped us devise responsible real estate strategies that match our recruitment and retention objectives with our bottom line goals."

Clayton Lewis CEO


“Washington Partners took the time to understand our desires and then scoured the entire city, turning up options that we never would have considered on our own. They were indispensable partners throughout this process, taking the time to really know us, and guide us toward the appropriate solution. At the end of it all, we are beyond confident in our choice, and are thrilled with our expanded and improved home on Capitol Hill.”

Donte Parks Co-Founder